Our program offerings comprise the five age-divided classrooms along with Spanish and PE which all classes participate in. Before & After care is provided and optional to allow for extended care.

3 à 6 ans

Programme Garderie / Préscolaire

Offrez à votre enfant un bon départ en lui offrant un environnement stimulant, du matériel éducatif attrayant et des enseignantes qualifiées

The greatness of the human personality
begins at the hour of birth.


More learning takes place in the first two years than at any other time in a child’s life. The brain develops rapidly, and this growth is aided by the child’s physical experiences. Chicago Montessori’s Parent Infant class is designed to help parents gain a better understanding of their child as they learn to meet their true needs without sacrificing their own. With so much time devoted each day to the “maintenance” of the very young child—diapering, feeding, bathing, communicating—there is very little time to stop  and appreciate children for the unique beings they are, and for the contributions they bring to the family.

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